Operation: Business as Usual

Berlin, Germany, October 23, 2009 – Operation: Business as Usual

Because the dog goes crazy in the frying pan (as Westerwave would say), we just wanted to cheerfully remind photographers that life doesn’t always have to be short and shitty like a chicken ladder (as Westerwave would say). Photocase pays a 60% royalty for every image sold, and there are no limited time offers or strings attached. Photographers don’t need to do anything except have great photos to earn instant recognition at Photocase and start earning a high royalty. Photographers are not required to disclose earnings or rankings at other sites to earn any kind of status at Photocase, nor are they required to be exclusive. To be frank, the royalty is 60%. Always.

Whether photographers have one photo online or 10000, Photocase is proud to always pay photographers a 60% royalty. We also don’t need to know how much money they’ve made in the past, how tall they are or whether they like yogurt or not.

The way it works is simple, upload a photo. If it’s accepted you will earn a 60% royalty rate. For those new to microstock, that’s a very good deal.

Some conditions apply: Photographers have total freedom to choose how many photos they wish to upload. No proof is required of anything except your identity. We review the images and upon approval, you earn every time your photo sells.

There is no deadline for Operation: Business as Usual. For more information please visit www.photocase.com


About Photocase: Good for your eyes.

For more information, or to give your eyes a little treat, please visit http://www.photocase.com

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